Why accountability is so important in small business

AccountabilityWhy accountability is so important in small business

Mark Bouris asked Matt Lancashire about how he holds himself and his staff accountable in his Ray White franchises, and how it’s helped his business grow.

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Being the Principal of two large real estate franchises in Brisbane’s CBD, Matt Lancashire needs to keep his business running smoothly.

That includes holding his staff accountable for their work and their output in delivering the business’ goals.

Matt says holding himself accountable for his own personal sales is his favourite part of the business, because of the example it sets to all his staff.

The other crucial element to accountability is making sure everyone keeps improving with training – no matter how high up or how experienced you are in the business.

Key takeaways:
-Be invested in learning and improving all the time
-Hold yourself accountable in front of your staff to make sure you can walk the walk
-Keep your staff accountable for their actions and encourage a culture of high performance.

Episode 1 Part 1 – Mentored.com.au, Mark Bouris