The light bulb moment!

The light bulb moment!Ray White’s Matt Lancashire on the light bulb moment that set him on the path to success

Ray White’s Matt Lancashire and Mark Bouris talk about the crucial point where Matt realised he needed to knuckle down and put in the hard work.

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Matt Lancashire wasn’t always Ray White Queensland’s most successful real estate agent. Before that, he was struggling to break into the industry and make ends meet.

For Matt, he could have returned to his previous career as an electrician or take the second option, which was learning from the best, copying what they were doing, and putting in the work.

Matt’s advice:
-Write a plan, stripping back to only what you want to achieve
-Go to the relevant training conferences, workshops and seminars to equip yourself in your field
-Invest your money in your future when it comes to training
-Be persistent

Episode 1 Part 3 –, Mark Bouris