Testimonial – McGovern Transaction

Testimonial – McGovern Transaction

November 2016.

To whom it may concern,

We are very happy to provide a reference regarding your support in selling our property and business at 432 Bakers Lane in Teesdale, Victoria.

Jason Hellyer got involved in the sale of our property and business through colleagues and it was his initiative that expanded the range of buyers. It was also his initiative to create a form of tender for the business and property that resulted in the final sale.

We are firmly convinced that if Jason had not been involved there would have been either no sale or a lot of negotiation and a lower price!

He worked well with our local agents who brought in the eventual buyers. Without the tension created through the tender we do not believe we would have had the success that we achieved.

Thank you Jason!


Joan and Peter McGovern


Email: joan@olimac.com.au