What can we learn from businesses overseas?

#RAYWHITE is a household name in Australia and New Zealand, with a growing network in Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, China, the Middle East and Atlanta, USA. Group Director Dan White spoke to Elite Agent about the similarities and differences in the industry across countries and some of the things can we learn from our international counterparts.

RAY WHITE remains a family-owned business, celebrating 116 years in 2018, whose activities span residential, commercial and rural property plus livestock, hotels, marine, property management and property funds investment. In the last fiscal year (2016-17), Ray White sold over $44.7 billion worth of property.

Ray White Group Director Dan White said the industry drivers in most Asian countries are very different to Australia and New Zealand, being more of a brokerage market.

“Most markets operate in an open-listed environment, with vendors preferring to list their properties with multiple agents. Vendor marketing is not a feature of the market, nor [are] auctions or other marketing-driven sales methods. Agents focus on developing relationships with buyers and matching them to available stock,” Mr White said.

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